Magnolia and Quetzal bedroom

Detail of bespoke wall mural for Cozmo, Frederick Wimsett, wall art

This was my first project with the wonderful and talented milliner Cozmo Jenks.  Cozmo loves colour more than anyone else I've ever met.  She taught me to love colour and take chances - I ordered fluorescent paints for the first time to complete this project!  Although most of her home is adorned with bright, bold colour combinations, she wanted something relatively calm and peaceful for her bedroom.  This is one of those magical projects where I already saw the design before we had even met or discussed it.  Bending magnolia trees wave in the wind, as do tree peonies (both, as it turns out were favourites of her departed mother) as well as quetzal birds, symbolising life and divinity, as well as birds of paradise.  Petals blow around the room, creating a sense of interest and movement.  The colours were a collaboration; we created a bespoke wall colour, and then painted in fluorescent paints- a first for me!  

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