“Pretty Birds, F-ing Dead” is my first non-commissioned piece on canvas that was a part of a gallery show. I created it for an exhibition curated by Leah Wood to raise awareness of environmental issues. All of the birds featured in Golden Thread were made extinct, or are presumed extinct, due either directly or indirectly to human activity.  Most birds depicted are based exclusively on ornithology paintings and taxidermy samples; in most cases they are the only visual proof that these beautiful birds ever existed at all.

In an up-cycled, hand painted wooden frame.

Dates indicate when the species went extinct/presumed extinct.

63cm x 53cm including frame, acrylic and gilding wax on canvas

£3,000 plus P&P

1/3 of Proceeds will be donated to a wildlife preservation charity

contact for more information or to purchase

Molokaʻi creeper Paroreomyza flammea 1963
Turquoise-throated puffleg (Eriocnemis godini) presumed extinct, 1976
Norfolk kaka Nestor productus 1851

Choiseul crested pigeon Microgoura meeki  early 20th century

Passenger pigeon Ectopistes migratorius 1914 

Cuban macaw Ara tricolor late 19th Century